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Trusted ant solutions for over 85 years.

Ant-Rid is the dependable and trusted ant solution for indoor ant problems in Australia and has been for over 85 years.

A trusted formula in the Australian market since 1929, Ant-Rid was developed to bring relief to Australian homes during a time when there was no effective long term solution against ants in the market.

Ant-Rid first entered the market with a liquid formulation and soon afterwards, to keep up with the trend towards hygiene and convenience, presented to the market the 6g bait option. Today both the liquid, supplied in a 50ml bottle, and the baits are still arguably the most effective solution against infestations in Australian homes.

Ant-Rid Liquid is the tried and true product that is still as effective in the home today as it was in 1929. Ant-Rid Liquid 50ml contains a sweet food source which lures ants who then feed the Queen and destroy the nest. It is effective against most Australian Ants.

Ant-Rid Ant Baits provide an easy no-mess bait solution for tough indoor ant problems. They contain a unique delayed action formula with both a sweet and a protein food source which worker ants will then take back to the nest and pass on to others - including the queen - before dying.

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