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Introducing Cold Power Dual Caps

Outstanding results, the easy way!

Laundry & Home Care ANZ has entered the laundry capsules segment with the exciting launch of Cold Power Dual Caps in major retailers in Australia, bringing Henkel’s global innovation to the local market.

Australian consumers have been seeking a way to make their washing process more convenient without compromising on performance. Thanks to the innovative Cold Power Dual Caps, which combine a powerful brightness formula with a boost of active stain removal, consumers can achieve an outstanding cold water clean, the easy way. The new range is available in Cold Power Dual Caps Regular and Cold Power Dual Caps Sensitive variants.

With the launch of Cold Power Dual Caps, the Cold Power brand portfolio now offers three formats - powders, liquids and capsules – to appeal to all consumer needs.

Catch the Cold Power Dual Caps “Outstanding results, the easy way!” campaign on TV, social media, and in-store activations. You can view the TV commercial at and the digital campaign at

Cold Power Dual Caps combines a brightness formula with active stain removal to boost washing performance.

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