Global quality standards for oil and gas markets

Henkel completes first pipe repair certification in Australasia

Henkel ANZ has become the first adhesives company in Australasia to issue the pipe repair certificate ISO/TS 24817 at the Qenos Altona Plant in Victoria, Australia, via our strategic applicators who have completed the required training.

The global quality standard ISO/TS 24817 defines the design, installation, test and inspection criteria for the use of composite repair systems for oil and gas pipelines and pipework carrying petrochemical media – for a 2, 10 or 20-year life extension on the repair. The repair process also applies to concrete and metal storage tanks.

Henkel specialist was involved in sharing knowledge of our product innovation and providing training, which contributed to this milestone.

Together, Henkel ANZ, McElligotts and Vincent Coatings have trained skilled Loctite-certified applicators. In turn, these applicators use our Loctite solutions in the local oil and gas markets.

Customers are satisfied with our Loctite Composite Repair products and the level of skilled service provided by our certified applicators. This partnership has been such a success that McElligotts has commenced extensive promotion and usage of Henkel Loctite products.

Henkel ANZ has 12 certified individuals from McElligotts and Vincent Coatings, as well as six qualified in-house Loctite Technical Engineers who have been certified at the training and application center in Kilsyth. The approved applicators are based at the Viva Refinery in Geelong, Qenos plant at Altona, and Mobil/Caltex sites across Victoria and North Queensland.

The pipe and tank repair system complements Henkel’s composite ceramic technology used for the repair, rebuilding and protection of assets. Our system can increase the service lifetime of assets by up to 20 years at an extremely low cost compared to conventional equipment replacement options. It also eliminates the need to shut the process or plant down.

Henkel ANZ now leads the way in the adhesive technologies sector in establishing innovative industry partnerships to expand the market segment and create training roadmaps.

McElligott’s Loctite applicator and coating specialist (left) applies the bi-directional carbon fibre tape with the assistance of Henkel expert (right).

Henkel expert (left) rolls out the excess resin.

Loctite-certified pipe repair trainers inspect the applied bi-directional carbon tape.