The new era of lightweight construction

The future looks lighter: New concepts and materials to make cars more efficient, safer and more sustainable

The car of the future will undoubtedly be electric. However, manufacturers still face major challenges in making emissions-free electromobility a reality. Powerful lithium-ion batteries are built into the vehicle underbody to provide and store energy. These batteries weigh up to 800 kilograms, and the additional weight undermines the driving range and performance of these electric cars. To enable the final breakthrough of electric cars, new and lightweight concepts must be employed to improve vehicle construction and design.

Adhesive technologies pave the way for lightweight construction

Powerful adhesives, sealants and functional coatings enable advanced lightweight construction concepts for batteries, car bodies and powertrain systems. They allow manufacturers to develop new designs and constructions that will help making electric cars safer, more sustainable and more efficient.


Using lithium-ion batteries as energy storage increases the requirements for safety and passenger protection in the event of a crash. Thermal adhesives ensure optimal temperature management and prevent overheating. Structural adhesive solutions enable compact construction methods for the batteries and thus help to reduce their weight. Additionally, sealants and functional coatings protect the battery pack from external influences. They prevent leaks and contribute to the durability and improved protection of electric cars.

More Sustainable

An electric vehicle’s weight influences its energy consumption and driving range. Manufacturers therefore use lightweight construction materials in the design of the car body and components. Adhesives are an integral part of these concepts. They alone make it possible to combine materials like steel with aluminum and composites. However, they don’t just reduce the weight of modern cars by up to 15 percent – thereby making them more sustainable – they also enhance safety, durability and as well as the overall driving experience.

More Efficient

Electric drive units offer a dynamic driving experience with higher torque. New adhesive solutions in the engine, gearbox and electronics contribute to higher durability and operational safety. They also allow an optimized design of the powertrain system, as well as making electric cars lighter and more efficient.