26 Mar. 2018

Henkel partners with TerraCycle on sustainable solution

Recycling program gives adhesive packaging new lives

Henkel has partnered with TerraCycle to become the world’s first adhesive manufacturer to provide an affordable, sustainable solution to disposing adhesives product packaging.

TerraCycle is an innovative recycling company which provides recycling solutions for the typically non-recyclable. Through this partnership, Henkel Australia’s Adhesive Technologies has launched the Adhesive Recycling Program throughout Australia in November last year. This allows our customers to recycle Loctite anaerobic adhesive packaging instead of sending them to a landfill.

The program underpins our commitment to sustainability. At the same time, it helps our customers to meet their sustainability goals.

Our customers can purchase a postage-paid recycling box to securely dispose their used Loctite adhesive packaging. Once full, the box will be sent to TerraCycle for recycling. The packaging is thermally treated, melted into sheets, then shredded and pelletized. The pellets can be turned into new products such as park benches, chairs and watering cans.

“The Adhesive Recycling Program is aligned with SEW's focus on sustainability. SEW uses hundreds of Loctite adhesive products every quarter. With this program, I am pleased that the empty Loctite bottles will now be recycled and converted into useful products for the community,” said Lou Scacco, Production Manager at SEW-EURODRIVE Pty. Ltd.

Henkel’s Adhesive Technologies sales engineers and our distributors liaise with customers to encourage their active participation in this program. We involve our customers as we drive sustainable practices down the value chain.

For more information on the program and details on how to participate in it, please refer to the Loctite website.

SEW-EURODRIVE Pty. Ltd. is one of our customers which participates in and supports Henkel’s Adhesive Recycling Program as it is aligned with their focus on sustainability.

Our customers appreciate this innovative recycling program that allows them to recycle empty Loctite bottles easily.