In Australia & New Zealand, Henkel works closely with customers and value chain players on sustainable innovation projects, to reduce our footprint and improve performance at the same time, creating win-win solutions.

Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship 

Social engagement – or corporate citizenship – has always been an integral part of our sense of responsibility as a company. 


Our sustainability strategy

Tripling the value we create through our business activities in relation to our environmental footprint – that is our goal for 2030.

Henkel’s commitment to leadership in sustainability is deeply embedded in our values. Maintaining a balance between economic success, protection of the environment, and social responsibility has been fundamental to our corporate culture for decades. This approach applies to every business unit and function, and our around 53,000 employees all over the world have firmly embraced the principles of sustainable development in their daily work and think and act accordingly.

Our sustainability strategy: achieving more with less

To maintain this lead in the future, we have developed a long-term sustainability strategy and set a straightforward yet ambitious goal for the year 2030: By this year, all Henkel products and processes should be three times as efficient as they are today.

This aim addresses one of the central challenges we will face in the future: decoupling growth from resource consumption. Instead, we want to create more value – for our customers and consumers, for the communities we operate in, and for our company – while reducing our environmental footprint at the same time. Achieving more with less – this is the idea at the heart of our sustainability strategy which guides all of our business processes and activities.

Our approach to sustainability

Corporate commitment


The Power of Sustainability

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There is no Plan(et) B

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Key figures

1 Figure relates to fiscal 2018 compared to the base year 2010.

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