31 May 2018

Bespoke television commercial drives re-launch of Cold Power Dual Caps

Cold Power Dual Caps re-launches with new sustainable packaging

Cold Power Dual Caps was re-launched in all major retailers with new sustainable packaging. This contributes to Henkel’s sustainability goals to increase the value we create while reducing our environmental footprint.

The packaging is made of recyclable materials and there is a significant reduction in the amount of plastic used during the manufacturing process. The container is made of recyclable polypropylene plastic and the sleeve is made of recycled paperboard that can be easily removed from the box, making it convenient for consumers to separate the plastic and paper parts for recycling.

The packaging has been re-designed to appeal to consumers. The new label is larger and covers the full box. It is now also more challenging for children to open and reach the product so that it can be safer for use in homes.

A comprehensive marketing campaign has been developed to support the re-launch and drive awareness of the newly packaged Cold Power Dual Caps.

A new bespoke television commercial began broadcast in April, locally developed to showcase how Cold Power products deliver outstanding results in cold water. The new commercial features the Cold Power BrightGuards helping each other with laundry and demonstrating how easy it is to use the product to get bright and white results.

This new television commercial is complemented with promotions in stores, off-location bins, as well as upcoming giveaways of samples and leaflets in malls to drive awareness and encourage consumers to trial the newly re-launched product.

To view the television commercial, visit this YouTube link.

Screenshot of the Brightguard taking laundry to the washing machine on the Cold Power vehicle for washing.