18 Oct. 2021  Melbourne

Improving packaging performance while reducing production downtime

Hot melt adhesive from Henkel sees strong demand in Australia and New Zealand

Technomelt Supra 90, a hot melt adhesive, has demonstrated its superior performance for packaging and is well-received by customers in Australia and New Zealand.

Technomelt Supra 90 meets the packaging needs of customers in industries such as food and beverage (F&B), as the adhesive’s high molecular weight reduces the chances of contamination and enhances food safety. The hot melt solution also offers benefits such as high bond strength, ease of application, quick set time and performance reliability.

Technomelt Supra 90 uses metallocene technology that is superior to the alternative ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). Solutions that use EVAs tend to have limited thermal stability and are prone to char build-up, which creates a need to replace parts of the application system. In contrast, Technomelt Supra 90 avoids char build-up, resulting in better performance and less downtime.

Among F&B customers in Australia and New Zealand, Technomelt Supra 90 is used for carton closing and sealing. It has a low ability to migrate between layers of packaging due to its high molecular weight, thus reducing the chances of contamination entering the packaged product. Any tampering with the carton packaging is also immediately visible, thereby discouraging unauthorized openings and improving food safety.

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Technomelt Supra 90 is a hot melt adhesive used mainly for carton closing and sealing. The solution has been adopted by customers who are drawn to its characteristics like bond strength, ease of application, low setting time and high-performance reliability, amongst others.

Technomelt Supra 7220 PS Easyflow significantly reduces and can fully replace plastic film and stretch wrap for pallets.

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