With the innovative range of Bref toilet care products, keeping your toilet clean and fresh has never been easier!

Introducing Bref, the #1 Toilet Care Rim Block brand in Australia, which offers maximum hygienic cleanliness and freshness for your toilet.

Bref provides the expertise to keep your toilet clean and fresh the easier way with its wide range of toilet products!

Product ranges

  • Bref Power Active
  • Bref Coloured Water
  • Bref Scent Switch
  • Bref Duo-Active
  • Bref Duo-Cube
  • Bref Deluxe
  • Bref Pro Nature
  • Bref Power Active Gel Cleaners
  • Bref Ultimate Gel Cleaners
  • Bref Active Gel Deluxe Cleaners

Information & Services

Also known as...

In other countries, the brand Bref is known under the brand names

WC Frisch, Blue Star, Sonasol, Witte Reus, Soft Scrub, General and DAC.

Available in Australia & New Zealand