Fab gets deep into the fibres of your clothing, leaving your whole wash Fabulously Clean and Fabulously Fragrant.

Fab Fresh range 
Indulge your senses and let Fab take you on a journey of sensorial delight. The evocative scents of Fab Sunshine Fresh, Fab Frangipani and Fab Natural Elements capture the essences of summer flowers on a warm sunny day.

Fab Perfume Indulgence
Tempt yourself with Fab Perfume Indulgence. Using fine fragrances recommended by a world famous perfume house, the Fab Perfume Indulgence range is so tempting, you’ll wish it was laundry day every day!

Fab Essential Oils
Refresh your clothes and escape to exotic locations with Fab Essential OIls - expertly crafted to inspire your body and mind. Infuse your laundry with these unique blends of essential oil and floral extracts, for fabulously clean and fragrant laundry.